We now have websites for three of our ongoing projects for taking the work of RC into the broader society: United to End Racism, No Limits for Women, and Sustaining All Life.  You can refer people interested in these projects to the following websites. They have information geared to people who are not yet a part of RC.  

United To End Racism

United to End Racism (UER), is working with other groups involved in eliminating racism, and sharing with them the theory and practice of Re-evaluation Counseling. You can find valuable resources and a description of UER's projects at <www.unitedtoendracism.org>. The e-mail address for UER is UER@rc.org.

No Limits for Women

No Limits for Women is an international organization of women (and men who are allies to women) dedicated to eliminating sexism and male domination throughout the world. No Limits is on the web at <www.nolimitsforwomen.net>. The website features the No Limits Draft Liberation Policy Statement for Women and a video of a No Limits workshop, Women and Men in Partnership to End Sexism. 

Sustaining All Life

Sustaining All Life (SAL), has been attending the United Nations Climate Change Conferences of the Parties (COPs) and presenting workshops, public forums, caucuses, support groups, fundamentals classes, and listening projects as part of the work of taking the tools of RC to climate change activists. For reports on our activities and for more information, go to <www.sustainingalllife.org>.


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