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Reclaiming Our Intelligence
Marilyn Robb

November 11 & 12

Knowing our

December 2 & 3

An Outstanding Week of RC

The Enugu Main (Nigeria) Area organized, and I led, an outstanding and blissful week of Co-Counseling. We took RC and information about the environment to our local community. We also held a one-day workshop for RC Community members.


We first visited an elementary school and shared information about care of the environment. It was exciting to be in the midst of the zestful and intelligent children. They expressed sadness about plastic pollution and committed themselves to be more earth friendly. They were smart and powerful.

The next day we visited a secondary school. Our environmental advocacy made sense to both the students and their teachers. We intend to go back often.


On Saturday we held a full-day RC workshop. Most of our Enugu Main Community participated, along with RC leaders from our sister Communities. Children, young adults, males, and females were represented. Most had five to six years of Co-Counseling experience. For some it was their first RC event.

At first everyone played ball and connected with each other. It felt good to sweat. I talked about benign reality and the fundamentals of RC. Other topics were early childhood experiences and their influence on later life, chronic patterns, frozen needs, discharge, restimulation, “no socializing,” and confidentiality. Males and females met separately in support groups. Between topics we had mini-sessions.

The feedback from the male and female support groups helped me appreciate the power of minds working together to create positive change.

The children got their share of attention and could run and play, with lots of balloons and balls. My children woke up the next morning asking me, “Can we go back to the RC workshop today?”

Kingsley Ibekwe

Area Reference Person for the
Enugu Main RC Community

New Haven, Enugu, Nigeria


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