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December 2 & 3

Let’s Really Reach for the Working Class

I propose that every Community or fledgling Community move directly and promptly to establish a regular monthly one-day workshop for working-class people, that this be determinedly organized and continued in spite of any difficulties encountered, and that help be sought from the RC leadership locally, Regionally, and Internationally, to solve any difficulties.

1) This one-day monthly workshop (almost certainly needing to be held on weekends or holidays) shall be open only to people who are presently working class.

2) The cost shall be low—affordable even by people who are unemployed or on welfare. (I propose that funds be collected by a box being on display at the beginning of the workshop, with a sign on it saying, “Put in $5, or equivalent, toward the cost of the workshop if you can; if you can’t spare it, you are completely welcome anyway.”)

3) Someone shall take responsibility for these workshops over a period of time who is either presently working class herself or himself or committed to bringing RC tools to the working class. This overall leader can ask other leaders to lead particular workshops.

4) I propose that these monthly workshops be viewed as equivalent to fundamentals classes or to ongoing classes; that previous attendance at a fundamentals class not be required for admission to these workshops; that working-class people be invited who are sponsored by someone already using RC who has at least attempted to explain RC to them and given them an introductory session.

5) I propose that the agenda for these workshops include the following items:

  1. Quick introductions
  2. A class, in which some theory will be presented and questions answered, problems solved, and short demonstration sessions done
  3. Support group meetings
  4. Lunch—good bread, a stew or salad, and milk or juice such as can be prepared easily and paid for out of the contributions--available for people who do not bring their own lunches
  5. Individual sessions
  6. A leaders’ meeting (every person at the workshop is a leader), in which each person speaks in turn on (i) how they have used RC to lead people; (ii) what the situation for working-class people is in their locality-what the opportunities are,  what the difficulties are; and (iii) what they propose to do about it
  7. Cleaning up and leaving the premises neat and spotless (completely clean)
  8. A closing circle, which includes an announcement of the next workshop and its leadership and each person saying what was best for her or him about the workshop
  9. I propose that these workshops be held in people’s homes if other premises are not available, that they be held regularly, and that the Community leadership give them full attention, to guarantee that they are attractive and successful.

Please write directly to me or to Dan Nickerson, the International Liberation Reference Person for Working-Class People, about how this project is proceeding. Request help when needed from the general RC leadership on all levels.

Harvey Jackins[1]

Taken from the January 1989 Present Time and
pages 337 to 338 of Start Over Every Morning

[1] Harvey Jackins was the founder and first International Reference Person of the RC Communities.



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