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October 7 or
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September 17-23

The Ghana Teachers’ and Leaders’ Workshop

The Ghana Teachers’ and Leaders’ Workshop in October 2017 was led by Wanjiku Kironyo, the Regional Reference Person for Northern Africa and East Africa.

Wanjiku arrived a day before the workshop, and together we visited a few places in Accra. She learned more about the effects of colonialism and the slave trade in Ghana. We looked at the dungeons my forefathers had been kept in with inadequate water and food. I shed tears about the brutality and anguish associated with these places.

Wanjiku brought these things up during the workshop. There was much discharge—I felt she could stay with us for at least a month. She also took us through an introduction to RC—theory, policies, and practice.

Something I took from the workshop was that “we cannot give what we do not have.” We need to “anchor” ourselves first, so we can anchor others.

I also learned that we are all born leaders. I often feel like I was born to follow, but Wanjiku made me believe that I was born a leader and have all the qualities of a good leader. This is dear to me because I am passionate about building the young adults’ community in Ghana. I can believe in myself to achieve this dream.

Samuel Weniga Anuga

Legon-Accra, Ghana

(Present Time 190, January 2018)

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