Taking RC to the Niger Delta

This is about efforts to break new grounds—to take RC to the volatile Niger Delta region in South-South, Nigeria. I am reporting from a riverine community [a community along the river] called Bomadi.

My name is Marshall Ifeanyi, and I am an RC teacher in the GRA, Enugu, Nigeria, RC Community. My job takes me around, and in each place I find myself, I bring RC. I was transferred to the Niger Delta in September of last year.

There are a lot of challenges. Many people here do not have phones, not to mention subscribing their phones to the Internet. There are few interpreters, and some people speak only their local languages, Ijaw and/or Urhobo. Many do not read or write. Youths here get easily agitated and bored. 

But I have remained steadfast and persistent and have managed to gain access to some people. And, trust me, I did a thorough job using the Fundamentals of Co-Counselling Manual! They found RC interesting. They are now calling me for another class. We’ve agreed to meet weekly. 

Marshall Ifeanyi

GRA, Enugu, Nigeria

(Present Time 190, January 2018)

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