RC in the Czech Republic

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic, and five years ago I connected with Co-Counseling here in the United States. After finding out there were no Co-Counseling resources back home, I was inspired to make RC available. With the support and encouragement of my RC teacher and the RC headquarters, I was able to bring this dream to fruition. In May, Jacek Strzemieczny, the Regional Reference for Poland, came to Prague to lead an evening presentation and a one-day workshop.

My friend who’s a local therapist and I were able to reach out to our friends’ and clients’ networks. Fifteen people came to the evening introduction, and twelve participated in the daylong workshop the following day. Jacek presented in English, while I translated into my mother tongue.

Some things resonated especially well with these Czech people: the impact of oppression on citizens who grew up in a communist totalitarian regime, women’s and men’s oppression, our basic goodness, the importance of connection, and holding a respectful space for each other’s emotions. Participants had a chance to experience discharge and notice relief from sharing their feelings while being safely connected. Jacek’s humor and vulnerability created an atmosphere that invited laughter and tears, from people who were strangers just a few hours before.

Many people stayed after the workshop and asked questions—for example, about using RC with children and managing overwhelming emotions. It was a pleasure to witness my countrypeople connecting with RC principles and fully experiencing their feelings. 

Since the workshop a small group of folks have met a few times to exchange sessions, and three of them occasionally Co-Counsel with me via Skype. Jacek was encouraged by the interest in Co-Counseling and expressed a desire to come back and lead more classes. Special thanks to the Seattle (USA) RC headquarters for supporting this project by paying for Jacek’s transportation.

Marek Tresnak

Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, USA

(Present Time 185, October 2016)

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