“Dead Little Circles of Blah”

Many of you are very scared of the “repressive right-wing forces.” I was telling somebody at a meal today, and I’d like to say it to everybody, there’s no basis for being scared of them.

You are just learning about them. You just read about them and you are horrified. It’s something like how we are discovering the majority of children are sexually abused and we are horrified. Hell, it used to be ninety-five percent.

Our becoming aware of the seamy side of pseudo-reality doesn’t make the world worse. These right-wing groups have existed and have been financed and have been sending these messages out for a long time, and they are not suddenly more effective. After a while people get bored with their junk. They shouldn’t be ignored, but they shouldn’t be respected. They are just dead little circles of blah.

Harvey Jackins

From The Rest of Our Lives, pages 164 to 165

(Present Time 185, October 2016)

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