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Challenging a Discouraged Client

People caught in patterns of “settling for,” being discouraged, being defeated can be helped to contradict these patterns by using directions of “wishing.“

A client who cannot repeat a statement such as “I trust you,” with any sense of reality, can be asked to say, “I wish I could trust you,” as an effective contradiction that will bring discharge. After enough discharge on this level of contradiction, such a client can be asked to use phrases such as “Someday I’m going to trust you,” and eventually stronger contradictions, such as “I can” and “I will.”

In challenging a discouraged or “defeated” client, it is important to sometimes reduce your expectations down to a small change, then praise and encourage and enthuse when the client makes that change, and then ask for another small change immediately afterward.

Harvey Jackins

From The List, page 60

(Present Time 183, April 2016)

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