Discharging on Exercise and Fitness

I would like to dedicate the next meeting of our “Health and Well-Being” RC class to physical exercise and fitness. We were all quite rational with regard to physical activity when our lives began, were we not? Surely we can regain that rationality with enough discharge and re-evaluation.
I would want questions for mini-sessions that would encourage rational thinking and not restimulate people who were hurt in the area to a point where their discharge was disabled. Here are some questions I have thought of:

  • What are physical activities that you enjoy?
  • What physical activities did you enjoy as a young person?
  • How was physical activity regarded by adults when you grew up?
  • How were gym classes and competitive sports?
  • In what ways could you benefit from physical activities?
  • How much of your time would you want to dedicate to physical activity? What days, what time of day?

Please add other questions you have found useful on this topic, and share any experience you may have in leading discharge groups on it.

Yohai Ben Ami
Raanana, Israel
Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
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