Exercise, Then Discharge

I find that physical work and exercise are a gate to working on the feelings that are attached to them, like discouragement, powerlessness, or fear of death or injury—feelings that stop us from putting the time and effort into exercising.

I’ve worked a bit on physical activity and noticed that what is most effective is “decide, do, discharge.” After I exercise, I can discharge all the hopelessness I had before I started, how difficult the exercising felt, how much my body hurts, and so on. I can do that until I reclaim enjoying using my body, enjoying the exertion.

Clients can exercise with their counselors and then discharge on the experience. I did a young adult class in Jerusalem (Israel) on a climbing wall. It was so great. We discharged before, during, and after about the physical challenge, using our bodies, being seen, competitiveness, and so on. I very much recommend doing something like that.

Timna Raz
Jerusalem, Israel
Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
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