RC on the Internet
The Community RC Website

There is a website for Re-evaluation Counseling at www.rc.org. At this site you will have easy access to a large amount of information about Re-evaluation Counseling, including:

• RC theory (basic theory, including an introduction to RC, The Art of Listening, The Human Side of Human Beingsand the RC postulates)

Introductory talks (in audio) by Harvey Jackins (1986) and Tim Jackins (2008)

• RC practice (How to Begin RC, including what to do in a session and how to lead support groups), counseling techniques and commitments, and a description of RC classes and the Community

• The Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities, 2017 edition, RC goals, and forms

Translations of articles into many languages, and language liberation information

Articles from recent journals, including Present Time and online publications

Resources for workshop organizers

Articles about teaching RC and outlines for teaching fundamentals classes in Spanish

• An ever-growing collection of back issues of Present Time (currently 1974 to 2012)(2013 to 2017 are available to digital subscribers)

• “Today’s Thought”—a short daily thought from a Re-evaluation Counseling perspective

• Recent Draft Liberation Policy Statements

Care of the Environment material and information

Resources for Human Liberation

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