Fundamentals Teaching Guide Updated,
and Readings Now on Website

The Fundamentals Teaching Guide and Class Outline—Part I, which now contains twenty-eight class outlines for teaching the fundamentals of RC, was recently updated in the following ways:

• A new topic was added: “Discouragement and Fighting for Ourselves.” (In 2013, the original version was updated to include the new topic “Care of the Environment.”)

• Additions were made to Topic 6, “The Early Roots of Distress Recordings”; Topic 7, “Counseling Techniques”; and Topic 23, “The Re-evaluation Counseling Community.”

• Additional readings (articles by Tim Jackins) for both teachers and students were added to many of the other topics.

• References to the Guidelines of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities were updated to be consistent with the 2013 Guidelines.

Future purchases of the Fundamentals Teaching Guide and Class Outline—Part I will include these updates. In addition, the updates and all of the readings can be found on the RC website at <>. Instead of making copies of articles for their students, teachers can now refer their students to the website.

Readings referred to in the Fundamentals Teaching Guide and Class Outline (Liberation)—Part II are also now available on the RC website.


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