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Raised in RC, Now Teaching It

This spring I began teaching a fundamentals class in Seattle (Washington, USA). I started teaching it because a young woman I know wanted to teach RC to some of her friends at college.

I taught the class, and she assisted me. We met in a dorm room, which was interesting because sometimes friends visited unexpectedly. (Two friends came unexpectedly to the introduction and stayed for the whole class.) It was hard to find times for class and sessions, because everyone was busy with college classes and jobs, but we found a time by switching back and forth between Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I had taught some of my friends RC before, which ended up being kind of1 hard, so it was hard to do it again. However, this time my assistant and I talked a lot before each class, and that helped. I was raised in RC and never took a fundamentals class, so I felt like I didn’t know what to talk about. But my assistant and I bought the Fundamentals Teaching Guide and would read that to figure out what topics to teach.

The class went well. The students liked it. We are taking the summer off2 because most of them went home for the summer, but we will probably start again in the fall. I hope to teach them more basic RC theory and introduce them to more people in our Area.3

Fiona Clark
Seattle, Washington, USA 
Reprinted from the RC 
e-mail discussion list for 
leaders of young people

1 “Kind of” means somewhat.
2 “Taking the summer off” means not meeting during the summer.
3 An Area is a local RC Community.

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