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Teaching RC to Friends

Yay Fiona!1 So good to hear what you’ve been up to!2 I ran into3 some challenges while teaching a class to some friends last year. It can be easy to get restimulated about leading, but it’s encouraging for me to hear that you’re going for it4 despite all the challenges. Cool5 idea to switch between Tuesday and Wednesday nights! Backing6 each other as young leaders is so important, and sharing what works and what’s hard is a great way to think together about sharing RC! Yeehaw!7

I was teaching in a place where there were not a lot of active Co-Counselors, so finding enough local support when feelings came up was a little challenging. Balancing counseling and just being friends was also challenging but ultimately good in a lot of ways. After folks had a general idea about discharging, we had some great spontaneous sessions! And we all got close and got to be there for each other throughout the whole thing.

I’d like to hear from other people about their experiences with leading. What’s been hard? What’s worked well? Much love!

Arlo Cristofaro-Hark 
Northfield, Minnesota, 
and Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion 
list for leaders of young people

1 See previous article.
2 “Up to” means doing.
3 “Ran into” means encountered.
4 “Going for it” means going forward with it.
5 “Cool” means good, wonderful.
6 “Backing” means supporting.
7 “Yeehaw!” indicates joy and delight.

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