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The First Manzini Workshop

In December 2013, the Manzini RC group (in Swaziland) successfully held its first workshop. It focused mainly on the ongoing support and growth of those already Co-Counselling.

Thirty-six Co-Counsellors attended, including Co-Counsellors and RC teachers from Manzini as well as RC teachers from other locations and Bafana Matsebula, our Regional1 Reference Person. A three-year-old child was also with us and helped us remember what we were like at his age.

Ms. Ntombenkulu Mhlanga welcomed the group and conducted the introductions. It was great catching up with each other2 and feeling connected again. Over the course of the weekend she led us in addressing many aspects of RC, including the fundamentals of Co-Counselling, the growth of the RC Community, leadership, and the importance of the Guidelines.3 We also had songs, traditional dances, and games, and three-way sessions, support groups, and topic groups (for youth, young adults, and adults). Our Regional Reference Person reminded us to fight hard and have many sessions to maintain a picture of the benign reality.

We ended with the formal selection of the Manzini Area Reference Person, Ms. Ntombenkulu Mhlanga, and Alternate Area Reference Person, Mr. Boy Mabuya. Then we shared hugs and highlights of the workshop. Parting ways with such a well-connected “family” was hard for almost everyone.

Compiled by
Boy Mabuya and Thembi Mhlanga
Manzini, Swaziland

1 A Region is a subdivision of the International RC Community, usually consisting of several Areas (local RC Communities).
2 “Catching up with each other” means learning what had been happening in each other’s lives.
3 The Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counsel-ing Communities—the policies for the RC Communities.

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