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Visible as a Leader

If we’re going to lead, we have to be visible, and whether we plan it or not, we’re going to lead.

I love the old Chaplin* film Modern Times. This was a film about the depth of unemployment. Charlie’s looking for work, going from door to door, and the only people around are the unemployed trying to sell apples to each other. Finally, discouraged, he just stands around—the good, timid little man.

A truck comes by with a long load with a stick sticking out the end of it with a red flag on it. It hits a bump in the street, and the flag and the stick drop off. Charlie, meaning to be helpful, runs out, grabs the stick, and runs after the truck, waving. He runs and he runs, and finally he slows down to a walk and walks along. All you see is Charlie walking along, but you hear a noise growing. (laughter) The noise gets louder and louder, and finally the camera leaves Charlie, and there are thousands of people following him. (laughter)

Harvey Jackins

From page 50 of Logical
Thinking About a Future Society

* Charlie Chaplin, an English actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the era of silent films

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