The First Young Adult Workshop in Ghana

I had the privilege of leading a maiden1 young adult workshop in Accra, Ghana, on the twenty-sixth of April, 2014. It included twenty-eight people in all: me, as the leader; Yvonne Ammah and Vickenzie Ofei, as my support-team leaders; and twenty-five energetic young adults.

In the first Co-Counseling session, the participants did not know what to talk about or were not feeling comfortable to speak about issues with people they had met at the workshop for the first time. Eventually they did flow with their Co-Counselors, and another session left them all relaxed and yearning for more time. A game also made all of us relax and laugh.

My team and I asked the participants, What challenges are you facing being a young adult? What is good about being a young adult? What is difficult about being a young adult among adults or in a cultural society like yours?

The energetic young adults also asked questions of me and the team. They were tough questions to answer, but we did justice to them all.2

I can’t wait to see the young adults in Ghana teaching RC to their peers.

Urbain Bamana
Area Reference Person for Accra, Ghana
Accra, Ghana 

1 “A maiden” means the first.
2 “Did justice to them all” means answered them all well.

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