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Jews and Disability
David Ruebain &
Cherie Brown
June 4

Creating the Conditions
to Cause a Big Change
Tim Jackins
June 18

No Limits for Anyone

I would propose that we keep clearly in mind that whenever we make contact with another person, our goal is to take that person completely along with us for complete liberation of every human intelligence in every way. We want that person to go just where we are going.

Anytime we do not avail ourselves of every bit of knowledge and every bit of skill and every opportunity we have with another person to do that, we’ve gotten confused, we’re milling around.*

If you have no more opportunity than to say hello to someone, you say hello in the way that brings them along toward re-emergence. If you get stuck in the same train compartment with a total stranger, you think, “Aha! (unless you're too tired, in which case you take a nap) A chance to make a warm, close friend for the rest of my life and get him or her started on the road toward liberation for everyone!”

Harvey Jackins
From “Common Goals for All Humans,”
on pages 41 to 42 of The Rest of Our Lives

* “Milling around” means wandering around aimlessly, with no purpose.

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