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I am a young adult Co-Counselor, leader, and musician from Germany. Not long ago I wrote a song whose lyrics are strongly influenced by RC theory:


By now I think I’ve found
The reason for my pain.
Why has my voice a satisfied sound,
Though I feel only strain?

It is so easy
But so hard to ignore emotions.
You might feel queasy
Or like you’re swimming through oceans.

Scream them out—your fears—
And they will run away.
Please let them flow—your tears—
And no more days will be grey.

Feel your needs, listen to your heart
And you’ll break through the wall of pain!
Take a risk and make a start,
So that you’ll come back to your natural roots again!

Oh, can you take away
These patterns from my mind?
Help me do it every day
To see what lies behind!

It is not difficult,
I just need your attention,
No money and no gold,
To release my tension.

What is real, what is present, what is past?
You have to make your choice if you want
   to laugh at last!
Every quarrel we have had has been “insane.”
Now let us free our minds of the violent chain.

Who is responsible
For whom and for whose feelings?
Are problems solvable?
Let’s discharge to look through these things!

But it is not your fault—
Sadness, anger, and shame.
All of these hurts are old
And no one is to blame.

Joachim Kremers
Bad Belzig, Brandenburg, Germany

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