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A Great Revelation

I was a science student, and now I am a science teacher. As students, it was expected that we handle science seriously. Our lecturers used to be very strict and serious. No fun, no playing with science. It looked like the education system was demanding it. So I felt like that was the way to learn it and do it. I just accepted such seriousness without questioning. Now I realize it was so stupid.

My high school students were fond of drawing cartoons on the cover page of their science projects. Several times I scolded them, telling them to treat their science projects seriously. Ellie Brown* used to say that part of young adults’ oppression is falling into prescribed roles. I now realize I had fallen into the prescribed role of a serious science teacher.

Recently a person came to our school to give some insights to our children about drawing cartoons. I realized I had made a big mistake of oppressing my students. They were right; they knew how to make their projects interesting and enjoyable. I hadn’t realized it all those days. I feel apologetic for limiting their creativity and fun in learning and doing science.

It could be fine to do science projects without having too many rules. We need rules and guidelines to make our work efficient and enjoyable. But unfortunately, they are taking away our right and capability to make it that way. They have turned it into a pain and an epidemic disease. I am striving hard to not become the vector of such a disease. Sometimes I do, but when it comes to my notice I immediately work on it and commit myself to not pass it on.

It is painful to notice how without our knowledge we can get into the oppressor role. But I am glad that we RCers are in a position to take charge of this and prevent the oppression from being passed to the next generations. I wish to become more and more aware about it, so that I can be an ally to my students completely.

Science can be fun. This revelation has come from my students. I will hereafter encourage my students and myself to have as much fun as possible in learning and teaching science.

S.J. Shashikala (Shashi)
Bangalore, India

* Ellie Brown is a former International Liberation Reference Person for Young Adults.

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