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Personal Leadership

What is the actual content of organization? Lists of names, and organizational roles for leaders, are important. I don’t knock* them. But effective organization consists of you and your ability to get other people to trust you, love you, listen to you, read what you offer them to read, and join with you on specific acts. That’s what it consists of. The close personal tie is the only thing that is durable enough for people to move very far on.

It’s time to organize the unemployed. Okay, I’ll call a meeting of the unemployed. You mean I’ve got to love them? Yes, you've got to love them. If you are going to have any worthwhile organization, you’ve got to go in there and set up love relationships. You might not call it “love.” The word is generally too embarrassing. They may be ready to talk about “mutual respect” or something like that, and that’s fine. It’s the same thing.

Harvey Jackins
From “Common Goals for All Humans”
on page 45 of The Rest of Our Lives 

* “Knock” means discount.

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