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An Artists’ Support Group in the Basque Country

I was recently in the Basque Country for a papermaking apprenticeship. While I was there, it was a pleasure and a privilege to connect with several Basque Co-Counselors for an artists’ support group.

For introductions, we shared our early art and cultural memories. Then I gave a short summary of artists’ liberation. We divided group time for discharge on the questions “What have you given up to be an artist?” “What do you need to give up to realize your goals and dreams?” There was much discharge.

We had three women and three men and divided into two three-ways on the basis of gender for the remainder of our time. After a closing circle and appreciations, we drove back into Antzuola to drop everyone at the bus stop.

Everyone in the group is interested in having further sessions and also meeting as a group via Skype.* I would enjoy the chance to participate and maintain the contact as a fellow artist and ally.

Bill Horne
Wells, British Columbia, Canada

*Skype is a service that allows people to have a spoken conversation, sometimes while    viewing each other, over the Internet.

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