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Winning People’s Minds

Where does a revolution take place? This is a crucial question. It doesn’t take place when you seize the television station or the armory. It doesn’t take place in the big demonstration. (Except incidentally. It may take place a little bit there. It may take place a little bit with the seizure of the armory, too. I’ve got nothing against seizing armories, providing you know what to do once you seize them.)

I think we have to face the fact that the big change, the change we’re after,1 takes place in people’s minds. That’s where it’s accomplished. We are after every person’s mind—not to enslave it, not to make a buck2 off of it, not for any of the old motivations, but to free it to help us guarantee our own, the universe’s, and everything-in-between’s survival.

Harvey Jackins
From “Common Goals
for All Humans” on pages
40 to 42 of The Rest of Our Lives

1 “After” means wanting.
2 A “buck” is a dollar.

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