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After the Africa Pre-World Conference 

I appreciated hosting the Africa Pre-World Conference this May. I was happy to listen to Tim1 teaching, and to know that many others were also appreciating the teaching and the practice.

I had the opportunity to lead the women’s group in the presence of Diane2 and Rachel.3 I would recommend that at future workshops and conferences we have such skilled people sit in on various groups and encourage the African leaders and give them feedback, so they can develop more self-confidence and gain skills.

I also propose that in addition to eliminating racism, we revisit the issue of ethnical centrism. The structure of colonialism continues to become more deeply entrenched due to tribalism, which tends to be highly politicized and used as a tool for mass killing and genocide. 

I have a lot of hope for the future of the RC project and the liberation of all people.

Wanjiku Kironyo
Regional Reference Person 
for Northern Africa
Nairobi, Kenya  

1 Tim Jackins
2 Diane Shisk, the Alternate International Reference Person
3 Rachel Noble, the Regional Reference Person for Oregon, USA

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