Expanding the Frontiers of RC in Nigeria 

Thumbs-up1 to our Nigerian Re-evaluation Counseling Community, as it takes refreshing strides to expand the frontiers of RC.

Two of our Co-Counselors, who had taken three years of RC classes, were ready to lead Communities. It was about time,2 especially for the Co-Counselors who had been traveling long distances to classes.

In February, Rita Nwokoye held her first class, with five people in attendance, marking the beginning of the Isashi Community in Lagos State.

Meanwhile, the RC Community in Ogun State, in the southwest of Nigeria, is about to come on stream.3 It will be led by Yemisi Ojo. When she came to Lagos to discuss her readiness and willingness to help plant RC in Abeokuta, the first place to have RC in Ogun State, she was excited. I gave her some books with which to begin her classes.

With seven in attendance, a lawyers’ group began in Lagos State with an inaugural class this March. The participants were eager to learn how RC could make them better lawyers and enhance their relationships with their clients and others they encountered in their practice. I reminded them that RC is primarily a personal thing, a process that helps us rediscover our essence, free of rigid distress patterns, and that it is when we regain our occluded intelligence that we are better placed to look out for our own interests and those of others.

We’d like to hear from those of you who are lawyers in other climes.4 We hope to be guided by your experience, as we build the lawyers’ group in Nigeria.

Onii Nwangwu
Area Reference Person
for North Central Lagos, Nigeria

1 “Thumbs-up” means approval, encouragement.
2 “It was about time” means it should have happened sooner.
3 “Come on stream” means start operating.
4 “Climes” means climates.

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