RC in Nigeria Surges Ahead

A Nigeria RC teachers’ and leaders’ workshop took place in Lagos, Nigeria, this May—four days after the Africa Pre-World Conference in Kenya.

The International Reference Person, Tim Jackins, and his Alternate, Diane Shisk, set foot on the soil of Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, for the first time. That was historic—and most encouraging to Nigerian RCers, especially those who had not met the two of them before.

Tim made it clear to us that ‘’knowing about RC is interesting, but having sessions is what makes RC useful.” He took us through a number of RC principles, and we had as many sessions as time would allow, to put the principles into practice.

Tim and Diane held meetings with the Area* Reference Persons to learn about the progress of RC in the various Nigerian Communities. They were impressed by the remarkable strides our leaders had taken to plant and grow RC in Nigeria. Re-evaluation Counseling has spread and is now effectively working in Lagos State, Anambra State, Rivers State, Kaduna State, the Federal Capital Territory, Enugu State, and Abia State.

We will not stop until we are fully liberated from the distresses that put us down and until our people are freed from the inhibitions of unhealthy social and physical environments. I have a dream that before long Nigeria will host an RC World Conference.

Chris Akubuiro
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

* An Area is a local RC Community.

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