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Always Pleased, Never Satisfied

Thanks to the two Michaels for highlighting this.1 Judging oneself for a constant shortfall, being endlessly disappointed in oneself, harsh self-criticism, assuming all the time that one must do better, are key pieces of the internalised oppression of the owning class and reflect the climate in which we owning-class people were raised. The conditioning to be the best, to know best, to see ourselves as superior, had to have this seedbed of never being good enough. I have struggled, and still do, with this.“Josephine can do better” was always on my report. Harvey2 gave me the direction “Always pleased, never satisfied.” No problem with the second half! But actually the whole thing is very workable. Remember the poster that says that each and every one of us has always, under all circumstances, done the very best that he or she could do? The first half of Harvey’s direction can keep that reality in the forefront of our minds, and the second half can help us avoid pretence and keep us alert to the fact that there is much in the world yet to put right (the dissatisfaction is not with ourselves). I recommend we use it!

Jo Saunders

International Liberation Reference Person for Owning-Class People

Alresford, Hants, England

Reprinted from the RC e-maildiscussion list for leaders of Jews

(Present Time 171, April 2013)


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