My relationship with Harvey began through the RC literature. Right from the start it was a joy to translate his books and articles into Italian and to encourage people to read the literature.

Fifteen years later Harvey invited me and my eldest daughter to volunteer for a few months at Personal Counselors. My most vivid memory of Harvey during that autumn of 1996 is our jumping up and down together on the compost heap at the "vacant lot," after clearing out the plants that had made the place a joy for the eyes throughout the summer.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my daughter, and we were arguing. After a while we

stopped and each took some time to discharge. We ended the session cuddling and thanking Harvey for his help, since we had been looking at a photo of him on the wall.

Thank you, Harvey, for giving me back my family and my life!

Nuccia Foulkes
Hostert, Luxembourg


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