Every time Harvey comes to mind, bidden or unbidden, I'm stopped in my tracks1 by wonder and appreciation. I marvel that this ordinary guy could have the intelligence (love) to recognize the function of discharge, the courage to pursue that insight, the brilliance to develop a whole and consistent theory, and the capacity to include countless others in this creative endeavor.

I'm grateful for Harvey's gift of The List, in which one can reliably find refreshment and the "straight scoop."2 And how did he know that Present Time would be a continual revelation, all these years?

I ponder Harvey's array of human strengths: his love of beauty, his appetite for work, his rigorous goodness -- and his seeing so clearly that every human being, without exception, is good. How revolutionary!

Jo Anne Garrett
Baker, Nevada, USA

1 Stopped in my tracks means stopped suddenly.
2 The "straight scoop" means accurate information.


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