We welcome people to RC whether or not they are taking psychiatric drugs. An individual’s use of psychiatric drugs is not a reason to exclude them from joining RC or participating in Co-Counseling events.  All people, whether or not they are taking psychiatric drugs, are screened for participation in RC classes by the same criteria, set forth in Guideline C.3. Structure of RC Classes.  Members of a Co-Counseling class who are taking psychiatric drugs are asked to inform their teacher that they are taking them.  

A Co-Counselor who is taking psychiatric drugs and wishes to attend an RC workshop needs to inform the workshop leader in advance of the workshop that they are currently taking psychiatric drugs. If the workshop leader is unclear about the individual’s ability to participate, they (or the organizer) should talk with the individual. They may follow up with the individual’s ARP or RRP for their perspective as well.    


We do not exclude people from RC because they are taking psychiatric drugs. However, it is important that teachers and workshop leaders are aware of a participant’s use of psychiatric drugs as that may be a factor in their experience in the class or workshop and so the leader can think better about the person.

It has been our experience that psychiatric drugs affect a person’s thinking, experience of emotions, and overall functioning. This can limit their connections with others as well as their participation in the process of Co-Counseling both as a counselor and a client.

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