N.2. Stopping Psychiatric Drug Use

RC encourages Co-Counselors to discharge and determine for themselves whether or not to use psychiatric drugs. The decision to stop using them can be made only by that individual. Additionally, because of the widespread promotion and use of psychiatric and other drugs that affect thought processes, RC encourages Co-Counselors to research how these drugs work and affect people, and thoughtfully question their use.

Suddenly stopping the use of certain psychiatric drugs can be dangerous. Therefore, Co-Counselors who decide they want to stop taking psychiatric drugs are advised to consult with a physician, psychiatrist, or other medical professional authorized to prescribe psychiatric drugs about how they might safely stop taking the drug. The Co-Counselor is asked to inform their teacher and Reference Person as well. Young people and some adults, by law, are not allowed to make this decision. In these cases, parents, caregivers, or guardians will have responsibility for the decision, considering the person’s wishes and best interest. In our experience, people may need active support and resource to stop using psychiatric drugs. They may need continued support to

  1. persist with this decision,
  2. keep their attention on their present life and goals, and
  3. discharge distresses previously or currently numbed by the psychiatric drugs.

This support is expected to come primarily from their friends and family. It may also come from individual Co-Counselors who have agreed to be part of their efforts. The RC Community is not expected to provide support.[174]


RC is a peer support organization. In general, each individual is expected to exchange time equally and to use the support to reach their own best thinking about their lives. This is true in the case of psychiatric drugs, as well as in other areas.

Those RC Community members who have experience with stopping the use of psychiatric drugs or supporting others to do so have found that this process goes best if individuals have support from family and friends. Although individual members of the RC Community may wish to support someone who is experiencing major life challenges or transitions, including stopping of psychiatric drug use, there is no obligation to do so.


[174] There is a project to assist Co-Counselors who wish to stop taking psychiatric drugs. It is called the Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center: thesunrisecenter.org.

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