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H.14. Outreach to All Groups Targeted by Oppression

Each Area is expected to actively work toward the goal of making RC accessible to all under-represented groups and all groups targeted by oppression. To achieve this, the ARP (or authorized account signer in a Developing Community) can use Area Outreach Funds to help pay for workshop fees, transportation expenses, or both. Area Outreach funds can also be used to purchase RC literature.

Outreach Funds can be used to develop leaders, to assist new people to begin RC, and to sustain the ongoing participation of Community members who are from oppressed and under-represented liberation groups and would be unable to participate without such assistance. Their participation helps build a diverse Community and offers a range of perspectives. (See Guideline H.1. Outreach Funds of the RC Community.)

Financial support for participants’ workshop fees or transportation expenses can only come from Area Outreach Funds, the Community Service Fund, or the Re-evaluation Foundation. It cannot come from the workshop income itself or from any Area Maintenance Funds. (See Guideline H.10. Maintenance Funds.)

When we don’t have enough Outreach Funds to meet all the needs of the Community, we can distribute the available funds among several people who need and are eligible for Outreach.


We have a commitment to offer RC to all people. (See Guidelines A.3. The One-Point Program of the RC Community, and H.1. Outreach Funds of the RC Community.)

Outreach Funds have been an effective way to pay for workshops. This Guideline ensures that workshop income and Area Maintenance Funds are not misused or depleted.

We do not give Outreach Funds or a free place at a workshop in exchange for participants doing work before or during a workshop. We operate on the basic principle that helping to make things go well is a natural, enjoyable human trait. It is not rational to connect it to any motivations based on greed or feelings of entitlement.

Outreach is intended to develop our Community in addition to benefitting individuals. Because we need more Outreach Funds than we have, we must be thoughtful and deliberate about how we use them.

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