Note VI. “Counsel the Leader”

“Counsel the leader” is a format that elicits the thinking and uses the attention of a group to counsel its leader. It is peerness in practice. The Co-Counselors participating have decided they are ready, willing, and able to be a counselor to the leader. “Counsel the leader” during a workshop can be beneficial to everyone but is never required. 

The leader may choose a counselor, in consultation with the group, or the counselor may be chosen by other leaders in the group or by a Reference Person. The designated counselor then leads the meeting.

The leader to be counseled speaks to the group—describing current strategies for re-emergence, what is going well, and any difficulties, and then answers questions from their counselor and the group.

The leader then leaves the room, often with a Co-Counselor they have chosen. The group may then discuss the situation, have mini-sessions, and offer suggestions to the designated counselor. The designated counselor can briefly discharge with the group or have everyone do a mini-session to think about the suggestions and direct their attention toward caring for the leader. The leader then rejoins the group meeting and is counseled.

At RC workshops, “counsel the leader” should not occur during regularly scheduled meeting times, and attendance is optional.

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