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N.2. Psychiatric Drugs, RC Classes, and RC Workshops

People who are taking psychiatric drugs when they join an RC class (see Guideline C.3., Structure of RC Classes) should be introduced to the RC policy on psychiatric drugs. They should be told that using psychiatric drugs will limit the benefit they receive from RC. They need to know that after the beginning classes, they will be encouraged to consider stopping the drugs in order to discharge the hurts that the drugs have kept them from feeling and discharging.

Members of a Co-Counseling class who are taking psychiatric drugs are asked to inform their teacher that they are taking them.

A Co-Counselor who is taking psychiatric drugs and wishes to attend an RC workshop needs the permission of the workshop leader to attend. A Co-Counselor’s use of psychiatric drugs is not a reason to exclude them from Co-Counseling events. However, the ARP should inform workshop leaders that someone who has been given approval to attend a workshop is currently taking psychiatric drugs. The leader will consult with the Co-Counselor’s Area Reference Person (ARP) and Regional Reference Person (RRP) in making a decision.


We do not wish to exclude people from RC because they are taking psychiatric drugs. However, people who are taking these drugs must meet our baseline criteria (applied to everyone) for participating in RC. (See Guideline C.3., Structure of RC Classes.) They should also be informed of our policy on psychiatric drugs and the reasoning behind it.

It has been our experience that it can be difficult for a person taking psychiatric drugs to accurately assess the resource available at a workshop and to judge how to use that resource responsibly. The drugs can also affect the person’s ability to connect with others and exchange aware human attention. The workshop leader should be told beforehand about anyone who is using psychiatric drugs and should discuss that individual’s ability to participate in the workshop with the person’s ARP and RRP.

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