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H.1. Outreach Funds of the RC Community

The Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Community raises and spends funds for the primary purpose of outreach to new populations not yet involved in RC. These funds may also be used to help ensure that people who need assistance can fully participate in RC activities. Specifically outreach Funds are to be used to

  1. develop leaders;
  2. introduce interested people to RC; and
  3. sustain the ongoing participation of Community members from oppressed and under-represented liberation groups who would not be able to participate without such assistance. Their participation helps build a diverse Community and offers a range of perspectives.

All RC Communities are expected to contribute to their Area Outreach Funds.[60] (Throughout this Chapter H, “Area” refers to both an organized Area and a Developing Community.) A designated portion of these funds goes (as described in the Guidelines below) to the Community Service Fund and Rational Island Publishers to help us develop new RC Areas.


We have a commitment to offering the theory and practice of Re-evaluation Counseling to all people. (See Guidelines A.3. The One-Point Program of the RC Community; C.2., Goals of RC Classes; and H.2., Class Fees and Outreach Funds.) Outreach Funds make it possible for us to offer RC to many populations.

To maintain the integrity of RC, it is important that we raise our own funds for this purpose, instead of being limited by conditions set by outside funding sources. (See Guideline H.13., Assisting the Re-evaluation Foundation’s Outreach Efforts.) Being a Community member includes contributing resources to help us develop the RC Community in new places.

It is also important that the RC Communities account for our expenses clearly and legally.

[60] For some Communities, this will be a goal to achieve over time.

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