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F.1.  Achieving Correct Positions on Issues

All Co-Counselors are encouraged to use Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) theory to think about all issues facing humanity, including the most controversial ones, and to arrive at correct, intelligent positions, called “policies.” These policies can be developed at special conferences and workshops, and by sharing thinking in journals and on e-mail discussion lists. They are draft policies and will be revised as our thinking improves with more discharge and experience. They are not binding on Co-Counselors, even if everyone is in complete agreement about them.


We cannot wait for destructive trends in society to end. Thinking about all issues speeds up our re-emergence. If we concentrate only on Co-Counseling, we limit our understanding and perspective.

As our thinking develops, we as individuals will want to speak out or take action. At the same time, we will preserve the basic unity of our Community by requiring agreement on only the one point mentioned in Guideline A.3., The One-Point Program of the RC Community.

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