Sustaining All Life & United to End Racism

Colonization and Racism in Africa:
Relevance to the Climate Emergency

led by

Onii Nwangwu-Stevenson:
Area Reference Person in Lagos, Nigeria

Wanjiku Kironyo:
Regional Reference Person for East Africa

Omodele Ibitoye:
Area Reference Person in Lagos, Nigeria

Leonard Aboboyaya:
RC Teacher in Lomé, Togo

May 2023

Anglais interprété en français


Welcome, Language Liberation,
Land Acknowledgement


Colonization, racism, their effects
and the connection with the climate emergency


The effect oppression has on our mind
and the importance of attention & discharge


Panelists say:
how they have used RC as a person affected by
colonialism and racism as a climate activist
& how RC has helped their leadership


More about the impacts of
Colonization & Racism in Africa



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