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The United States Social Forum

The United States Social Forum (USSF) is being held at the request of the World Social Forum (more information below), in order that the work of the World Social Forum be conducted in the “belly of the beast.” While regional forums have been held in various parts of the US, this will be the first US-wide Social Forum. UER will be sending a delegation to the USSF in Atlanta, Georgia, in June 2007. More information about the USSF can be found at the USSF web site.

UER’s goals at the USSF will be to: (1) make one-on-one contact with many people, (2) expose them to UER and RC through our workshops, support groups, and mini-sessions, and (3) stay in touch with them after we all come home and help them make contact with UER and RC in their part of the US. UER delegates will also attend other workshops and activities to learn about the work being done and support the overall good functioning of the USSF.

Since 2001, World Social Forums have been held around the world. The World Social Forum is an international gathering of progressive groups and individuals timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum, the annual gathering of the world economic powers. The World Social Forum provides a forum for groups to present ideas about building a world without exploitation, war, or oppression. You can find more information about World Social Forums at the WSF web site. The theme of the World Social Forums is "Another World is Possible." The 2007 World Social was held in Nairobi, Kenya and a small group of RCers from the US worked with the Kenyan RC Community to present workshops there.

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