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Guideline M.5. Part B:
Sexual Misconduct
led by Diane
Teresa & Joel
April 13 or 14

Climate Crisis
in Africa
led by Janet Kabue
April 16


繁体字译文(Translations into Traditional Chinese)


關心環境的新目標 (Teaching, Leading, Community Building)

RC與關懷環境 (RC and Care of the Environment)

情感、愛和性 (Affection, Love, and Sex)

終結階級社會是為每個人的利益 (Ending Class Society Is for Everyone's Benefit)

第三代女性議題工作坊的基本原則 (Basics from the Third Contemporary Women's Issues Workshop)

RC 與關懷環境 (RC and Care of the Environment)

完成一場未完結的戰鬥 (Finishing an Unfinished Battle)

對重新評價諮商的介紹 (A Recent Introduction to RC)

審視男權統治 (Examine Male Rule) Present Time, 2011

關心環境的新目標 (A New Goal on Care of the Environment)

二十多年歷史的早期性記憶工作坊 (Over Twenty Years of Early Sexual Memories Workshops)

理性的需求 和「冰凍」的需求 (Rational Needs and Frozen Needs)

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