Commitments Related to Vocation

A commitment related to vocation is a serious promise made by a person (to the counselor, to "nears and dears", to reality, to "God", etc.) to reject the stereotypes and patterns of behavior which have been installed by the particular oppressions related that person's choice of work.


I promise to always remember my power, love, and intelligence as an artist, and the vital role that artists have played in every culture and time.
I will never again invalidate any artist, including myself, or any work of art, but rather ally myself with all artists to end our economic oppression, and enthusiastically encourage the creativity of every human.

Civil Servants

From now on I will take complete responsibility for the liberation of Blankville. With my excellent leadership, Blankville will become a beacon of peace and progress to the rest of Blankland and the world.

Classroom Teachers

As a proud worker in the liberation of all human intelligence, I cheerfully promise that I will always treat every learner and every teacher, including myself, with complete respect.


As a full-fledged human being, I promise to think and to respect thinking, to allow no invalidation of any scholar or teacher, including myself, to refuse to be isolated from my colleagues or to act as an agent of oppression, and to boldly apply my full knowledge and power to the creation of a just world.


I promise to remember always that I am a good parent, that I always have done the best I could, that I have passed on to my children as few of the hurts that I endured as a child as I could possibly manage.


I am a good parent. I love my child/ren. From this moment on, I will relish my excellence as a mother/father, enjoy my precious, resilient child/ren, and discharge my every regret. I hold myself and my fellow parents blameless for the struggles we still face due to our heavy oppression. I am proud of the goodness and commitment of all parents, and am proud of the vital work we do. As a mother/father, I will remember that there will be time to pursue every goal that is dear to my heart.


I promise always to remember that I am no more than an assistant to the person I am seeking to help; that nothing I do that strains my survival can be of real, long-range assistance to another; that everything I do will be directed to enhance the power, the independent thinking, and the humanness of the person I am assisting; and that the factor of approval by authority will never sway my judgment in what I do to assist.

World Changers

I have chosen the responsibility to change society, but I also choose to be intelligent in the way I do it.
The future needs me, well-rested, well-nourished, and well-exercised. The past is useful as information, but never as a substitute for my own fresh thinking. Mao respected Marx, but did his own fresh thinking. I will respect all past thinkers but my thinking will necessarily be more brilliant than theirs because I stand on their shoulders.
If I am not enjoying what I am doing, then there is something wrong with how I am doing it and I will correct it.

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