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The On-going Forever Class

An amazing class is happening in Austin, Texas, USA that I think people should know about. It's nicknamed the "On-going Forever Class" and is run by Dottie Curry. This class demonstrates that it is possible for a group to commit to understanding RC theory in so open and flexible a manner that all levels of students can benefit equally.

When I first joined the "On-going Forever Class" I wondered at what seemed to me to be a redundant name. Shouldn't "on-going" mean "forever"? After all, physics tells us that a body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. But, sadly, there are often many outside forces acting upon a group that can cause it to lose momentum. Fortunately this class has what it takes to keep the wheels in motion. It has taught me a lot about what it means to commit to making RC important in my life forever. The wheels of this class are solidly on the ground and moving full-speed-ahead.

The first wheel is leadership. Dottie embodies the spirit of RC so completely that you can't help but be swept up in the power of her perception and guidance. She takes special care during "news and goods" to gauge the level of the newcomers to the group. No matter what the theme for that particular class, or how weighty the material—racism, sexism, classism, ageism, etc.—she always finds a way to give information to the veterans while instructing the beginners on the basics. After she has been working for hours and you think she can't possibly have any more attention for the group, she is right there, delighted in everyone, always ready to give. As Lao Tsu wrote in the Tao de Ching, "The Master can keep giving because there is no end to her wealth. She acts without expectation, succeeds without taking credit, and doesn't think that she is better than anyone else." From such a strong model, learning is effortless.

The second wheel is enthusiasm. The freedom to embrace joy, our zest for living, and our creativity permeates everything we do. We continually remind ourselves of our goodness and spirit, and it energizes all our work.

The third wheel is aspiration. In this class people have proclaimed exciting goals. Some are personal goals that will require great focus and effort to accomplish. Some are wide-world goals asking for nothing less than global improvement and the eradication of all oppression. Seeing people reach like this is inspiring, and hearing each week of their successes and growth as they push ever forward towards these goals is exhilarating.

The fourth wheel is diversity. Men and women, from their mid-teens to sixty-something, from many races and ethnic backgrounds, from working-class to owning-class, straight and Gay, are represented in this group. The opportunity is available to immediately apply the theory we learn—to work to become close to people different from us. By having a readily available pool of people with whom to ally and practice our skills, we can take our learning to the wide world that much more quickly. We are the microcosm of the world we are dedicated to improving. We take care of each other so that we may each take care of the world.

Jeff Shaevel
Austin, Texas,

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