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Fundamentals Class Outline #5

Week 1: reading: The Art of Listening (Fundamentals Manual)

Basic Theory
Intelligence – definition, how much, how it operates
Other inherent characteristics
News and Goods
How to do a mini
Attention Out
Balance of attention 

Week 2: reading: Human Side of Human Beings

Effects of unhealed hurts, sources of hurts, oppressions
Recovery process
Basic order of discharge
Patterns that interfere with discharge: control patterns, cultural patternsThe Nature of Distress Recordings; irrationality
3 ways distress is encountered: accidents, contagion, oppression
Two effects of undischarged distress: restimulation and reduced functioning
Intermittent vs. chronic patterns, how to recognize a pattern 

Week 3: reading: first half of Fundamentals Manual

One-Point Program of Co-Counseling
What to do in your first Co-Counseling session
Contradictions to distress patterns
Early memories
Start having sessions

Week 4: reading: Human Situation: Complete Appreciation of Oneself

Appreciation and self-appreciation
Appreciation Station
Distinction between the person and the pattern 

Week 5: reading: “Who’s in Charge” in Human Situation 

Commitments against identifying as a victim
Direction of powerfulness, being in charge in all situations now
Chronic material
Non-permissive sessions
Directions against chronic material 

Week 6: reading: “Logic of Being Completely Logical” in Human Situation

Rational Needs
Frozen Needs
Review of related material on the chain

Week 7: Panels on different constituencies and identities 

Week 8: Read the 2nd half of Fundamentals Manual

Oppression and economic exploitation
Regular Counselors 

Week 9: Racism – working on oppressor and oppressed roles

Eliminating White Racism
United to End Racism
Counseling on oppressions
Internalized racism 

Week 10: reading: Harvey DVD's

Classism, Raised poor, Working class, Middle class, Owning class 

Week 11: Coached Counseling, Review and Open Questions

Week 12: Educational Change

Early school memories
Institutional oppressions in education system 

Week 13: reading: Patty Wipfler pamphlets

The basis of all other oppressions – adultism
Family Work
Special time Field Trip
Setting limits with young people 

Week 14: reading: Handouts on Understatement (or Care of the Environment – Understatement for on-going)

Reality vs. Pseudo-reality
Counseling with attention away from distress
Role exchange technique
The Understatement 

Week 15: reading: Mental Health Oppression

The Oppressive Society
5 things to remember as contradictions to mental health oppression 

Week 16: reading: first 3 pages Guidelines

The RC Community
Community membership - value of community
Literature, Present Time
Workshop, support groups, classes.
Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources (RCCR) and Re-Evaluation Foundation

On-going class to follow for those who join the community! Hooray we made it! 

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