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Videos of SAL/UER Climate Week events

Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

RC Webinars listing through July 2021

New Online Workshop Guidelines Modifications


Fundamentals Class Outline #2

Class 1 Basic Human Nature - basic theory, listening, starting a counseling relationship

Class 2 Nature of the Distress Recording

Class 3 Discharge and the Re-evaluation Process

Class 4 Simple Counseling Skills

Class 5 What is Restimulation?

Class 6 Insights into Human Behavior

Class 7 Rational Human Needs, Relationships, and Sexuality

Class 8 Hurts of Oppression - Racism, Sexism, Classism, etc. - how to counsel

Class 9 Physical Hurts and Addictions - how to counsel

Class 10 Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Community and related activities - support groups, workshops, policies, etc

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