An Effective Commitment For Christchurch

Other RCers may be interested to hear about this commitment. It came from Cherie Brown, the International Liberation Reference Person for Jews. Some of us in Christchurch have found it very effective to work with. I find it helps to pull my attention away from old distresses and reminds me of all that is good in my life.

It goes like this:

"From this moment on I give up the ancient addictive pull to feel and communicate how miserable I am in the hope of getting help. Instead I will communicate and act on the knowledge that I am already at this moment completely happy, that I already live a very good life, and that I have absolutely everything going for me."

(You can also add "Life is good!" at the end, with the emphasis on the "good.")

Diane Shannon
Christchurch, New Zealand
reprinted from RC News, RC newsletter for New Zealand

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