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I've Learned a Lot

Everything is going well here. I'm enjoying what I do. Since leaving my job at the college I have not actively looked for any work. Everything comes by word of mouth. The phone just rings, and I get asked to do things. Most of what I do is naturalised RC, and people are crying out for it. I am constantly struck by how robust a theory RC is. No matter where I go, people are amazed and delighted with RC insights and how much light they throw on their particular situation.

Increasingly, I find that when I work with people I focus much more on liberation than on oppression, and on offering hope and encouragement and a perspective on what's possible if we act powerfully. I think people always valued what I did with them in the past, but I notice now that people are actually inspired by what I do. I think I'm much better at contradicting their hopelessness now, and I model being pleased with them and I remind them of their importance. I think I've learned a lot in the last year or so.

Seán Ruth
Stillorgan, County Dublin, Ireland

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