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Solid Beginnings in Chile

Thank you for giving me permission to lead the men's workshop in Buenos Aires. It went very well. And, believe it or not, I did it all in Spanish! It was small (three men plus Pancho and me), but in terms of our goals it was a great success. All three men have expressed interest in continuing. In addition, Pancho contacted about twenty men while organizing the workshop, and a few of them who did not attend are also now ready to participate.

The next day we had a leaders' meeting with Alicia and two others from the Community.

My wife, Bonnie Shepard, and I are talking about doing a one-day introductory workshop in Chile, probably sometime in January. We plan to do it on the theme of men and women, especially since so many people expressed interest upon hearing that I led a men's workshop.

In her professional work Bonnie funds projects in the area of reproductive health -- everything from family planning to AIDS prevention to domestic violence to gender studies at universities. She is breaking new ground in her field by advocating an approach which includes what we in RC have learned not only about women's liberation but about men's. In particular, she is encouraging the inclusion of men in the programs she funds, and an emphasis on the oppression issues that affect the effectiveness of, for example, family planning or reproductive rights projects.

David Holmstrom
Santiago, Chile

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