A Self Encounter

I reflect on the past, what do I see.
Fathers, mothers, brothers, teachers, friends, all horrible things.
You're stupid, you're useless, you're a gombeen.
You can't do that, you can't say that, you can't you can't.
Don't cry, don't laugh, don't holler or shout, Don't Don't.
Stop this, Stop that, Oh stop it, stop stop.
You must fit in, you must get along, you must, you must.
Pain -- Fear -- rejected -- lonesome.
Hurt -- shame -- chaos -- Sin -- Hell.
I'm conditioned to being a disturbed Human Being.

I look to the present, what do I see.
Wife, four daughters, brothers, friends, all lovable things.
You're intelligent, you're useful, You're an angel.
You can do that, you can say that, you can, you can.
Please cry, laugh, shout, yawn, scratch, please do, please do.
Try this, try that! Oh -- try it, Try -- Try.
You do fit in, you do get along, you do, you do.
Joy, contentment, Needed, Belonging.
Acceptance, forgiveness, order, re-birth, Heaven.
I'm accepted as a wonderful Human Being.

Peter Reilly
Berea, Kentucky, USA

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