Echo From the Dublin Conference

Hello. My name is Afsaneh Sharif. I am one of the two leaders and teachers of RC in Iran and I am a translator.

I had the chance to attend the Africa, Europe, and Near East Continental Conference in August in Ireland. It was my first workshop and RC conference. It was great and fantastic to meet and live with almost 100 international leaders from all over the world under one roof, caring for each other, supporting each other, and counseling each other. It is a fact that we were "one for all and all for one." It was good for me to meet Harvey and Tim for the first time. I would like to appreciate Collette Morrison for her great job. She organized the whole workshop superbly. I want to appreciate Søren Holm, Gill Turner, Dorann van Heeswyk, Barbara Love, Irish RCers, and the rest for their great support.

I was on the songs committee, and we were singing at the beginning of each meeting in different languages. It was really fun and effective. The playday was great, and I learned a lot. I came back with much more confidence in RC and more easy determination to share this wealth of information. I would like to thank Harvey for bringing all hearts together.

Afsaneh Sharif
Tehran, Iran

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