A Worldwide Educational Change Leaders' Meeting

There is much good educational change work being done. Despite (or perhaps because of) all of the fine work we and others are doing, public education is under attack in many parts of the world. Although there were predictions that the end of the cold war would make additional resources available to improve people's living conditions, this has not happened. Young people, in particular, are being denied resources. Patterns of greed, corruption, inefficiency, and timidity (as well as lack of information) continue to hinder the transformation of educational and other societal institutions into powerful forces for assisting all humans to learn, to become empowered, and to recover from hurtful experiences. There are, however, great opportunities. Decisive leadership and well-thought-out strategies can play an important role over the next period. It will be worthwhile to convene a group of educational change leaders for four days in July and August for a worldwide leaders' meeting. The goal of this meeting will be to improve our alliances, nurture our leadership, and develop effective strategies for educational change. The meeting will be open only to people taking leadership in RC educational change (as a support group leader or Regional/city-wide coordinator) or to Regional or International Liberation Reference Persons who are engaged in educational change work. If you think you qualify to come to this meeting, please write me immediately describing your activities. Efforts will be made to subsidize the cost for those of you who live a great distance or who cannot afford to come on your own. The meeting will take place near Boston, Massachusetts, USA on July 28 - August 1, 1994.

Julian Weissglass
Santa Barbara, California, USA

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