Absolutely Everything

It's a bloody joke
I'm absolutely sure
They have got to be kidding
What a ridiculous idea
And similar thoughts
passed through my head when
I first heard that phrase.
How absolutely atrocious.
And no way was I going to say such a thing.

At the time I was the mother of one
and one soon to come
and lots of other things happening in my life
(like women often have).
There was no possibility of me taking on any more
anything (I thought), let alone absolutely everything.

Today I was thinking about a relationship I have
And wondering if expanding on it was a possibility.
And I caught myself thinking
I'm not going into anything again where I feel unequal;
like they have a bigger claim on any of my resources and support
than I do on theirs and I thought
Yes that's it Nothing Less Than Absolutely Everything. YAHOO!

Reprinted from "Far South Coast" Australia RC newsletter

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